Welcome to the Student Mentor Directory! 

If you are a new Mohawk student looking for a way to get connected at the college, you’ve come to the right place! The Student Mentorship Program has been designed to support your transition into life at Mohawk College and to offer a welcoming online community.

Students who join the program will be matched with an upper year student and be added to an online group with other new students. In this group you can:

  1. Get your questions answered about college life
  2. Get connected with college resources and services
  3. Attend weekly virtual small-group hangouts and get to know other students
  4. Request a one-on-one chat appointment with your Student Mentor

How to Use the Directory
If you’re ready to jump in, take some time to get to know some of the mentors by exploring the directory. Using the search bar below, you can search for mentors by program area (e.g. Business) or areas of interest (e.g. volunteering). By clicking on a mentor’s photo or name, you can read their bio to learn more about them.

To get matched, complete Match with a Mentor Application and tell us why you would like to join the program! Spaces are limited, so we encourage you to apply as soon as you’re ready.

Amit F

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Amit has studied, worked, and lived in multiple countries and understands how difficult it can be to adjust to new schedules, courses, people, time zones, cultures, food, weather, etc. He has become a Student Mentor to extend a helping hand to all students who are going through these difficult times. He wants students to know that they are not alone and that they are truly cared for. He really appreciates how Mohawk College takes initiative in organizing various social and educational events, and that it thrives for all its students to succeed. He has joined the program to contribute to that, and would like to help other students grow!